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A is for Apple; Z is for Zune

Anyone who truly knows me knows how important music is to me. I must have it wherever I go, in every room in the house. The TV? Not so much. So tonight, I sat down to my computer to try to get four songs I’d downloaded from Apple Music/iTunes onto my computer to (1) burn […]

i-Fan of the i-Phone

I finally caved last week and purchased an iPhone 4 now that my cellular carrier, Verizon, started offering them back in February 2011. My friend and business partner has been in love with them pretty much since they first came out, in mid-2007. Honestly, I’ve never heard him go on about a woman the way […]

Power Tripping and V for Vexation

When it rains (literally) it pours (figuratively). There was lightning storm that passed through here last night from around 4:30 p.m. until around 6:00 p.m. I was upstairs in my office on the computer and decided after the latest lightning bolt to unplug my systems. So I yanked both power strips from the wall and […]

And When I Die…

And when I’m dead, dead and gone…. There’ll be… Where my heirs apparent can have access to all my top secret information, information which I (heir) apparently don’t want them to have beforehand. Well, if I can’t trust them while I’m alive, why should I trust them when I’m dead? I can’t decide if […]

Blackberry Whine

As most of you know, I work in a mega law firm here in Houston. All the attorneys and a lot of the key management peeps have firm-issue Blackberries. So that emailing can continue well after the person has actually departed their office. I watched in stunned silence while a young associate, intent on her […]

I Had Nothing Better to Do, So I Hosed My Blog…

Well, it COULD happen. I am currently running WP 2.1.2. I have found some way cool plugins that I want to try and I may as well upgrade all the way to 2.3.1 while I’m at it. So .. we’ll see what happens. Hope to see you guys on the other side. Update I had […]


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