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Hot, Hot, Hot!

There’s this classic buffalo wild wings challenge. I can’t talk, y’all. Why would they make something — Get your life right with God. Uh-huh! This is very painfuol. No one can do this challenge. But the aftermath is not …. worth it. And then Shaq tackles the NBA Paqui one-chip challenge. I’m not making a […]

Thanksgiving Dinner 2014

Roast turkey breast (Honeybaked Ham Co.) Butternut squash soup Roasted vegetables (purple onions, zucchini squash, fennel) served in a pumpkin pot Cranberry conserve (from Ina Garten) Apple pie

The Last Best Thanksgiving

I am remembering Robo’s last Thanksgving, our last Thanksgiving together. I recently spoke to a friend who is going through a rough patch with a dying relative. She told me, I keep thinking of things in terms of “last” as in last birthday, last Thanksgiving, last Christmas, etc. I told her not to thinnk of […]

The Great Birthday Cake Caper of 1990

In a conversation with Robo today, I was reminded of how badly an office birthday party went some years ago. I was working at a law firm in San Antonio at the time, for a female partner who had a reputation of being a real perfectionist and a task master, both with her staff (me) […]

Chicken Tequila … It’s What’s For Dinner

Tonight, I’m making one of Robert’s favorites. It’s a dish copied from the Alonti Deli in downtown Houston, and made better by me (at least according to Robert, but maybe that’s because he likes sleeping indoors!). It’s very easy to fix, start the salted water boiling for the pasta while you prep the vegetables. By […]

Guilt-Free Lemon Cake With BlueBerries and Lemon Cream Sauce

Since both Robert and I are diabetic, I devised a quick and easy dessert that tastes good and is sugar free. It requires obtaining a sugar-free lemon pound cake, which I have found at a local grocer, Seller Brothers. If you can’t find such a cake in your location, I suggest angel food cake as […]

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