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A Nip Slip

This was just too darn funny not to share. It happened at Big Law last night. I was given a project, a “dupe and revise,” which means take a document on the system, save it as a new document and make the revisions. In this case, we were taking one client’s document and modifying it […]

Monday, Monday…

I have never been so happy to be out of the office as I was tonight. We are moving this week and the movers were demolishing some metal shelving in the room across from my workstation. For about an hour. It was horrible. Then, we got an email at 5PM warning us that our document […]

A Mother of a Dilemma

I commented on Facebook when someone posted a link to this blog post the other day. It was a knee-jerk reaction to be sure, but it seems, from the comments and spinoff posts here, here [in Serbian] and here [in Serbian] that this is a hot button topic not only in Europe but all over […]

The Great Birthday Cake Caper of 1990

In a conversation with Robo today, I was reminded of how badly an office birthday party went some years ago. I was working at a law firm in San Antonio at the time, for a female partner who had a reputation of being a real perfectionist and a task master, both with her staff (me) […]

Leaving it to the Trained Professionals

I’m pretty well known around the Big Law office for remaining calm under pressure. Just this past week, I was handed a project taken over from someone else where the lawyer involved seemed nervous and not confident that person could get the job done on time to meet the Fedex deadline. After the lawyer explained […]

Who Am I?

If you work with me at Big Law… I’m the one who silently corrects your grammar and misspellings and tries not to laugh too hard when you, a partner, hand-write “forum non convenience” in an important memo. I’m the one who remembers to search through an 80-page contract for references to a section of the […]

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