Who Does She Think She Is?

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This may be something you cat lovers already knew, but I didn’t. So in case it’s new to you, too, I’m sharing it here. I’ve had cats since I was six years old. Now most of my cats have not been as active as Duncan is. He’s a ball of energy. If I could hook […]

Things I Learned From My Cat

Enjoy the simple things in life. Yeah, like batting a paper wad around my office when a perfectly good plush cat toy that I spent upwards of $5 for at the pet store languishes, ignored. It’s never too early to eat breakfast! Nope. We never say “no” to a good meal. That’s one rule I […]

My Beautiful Daisy Mouse…

There is a flower within my heart, // Daisy, Daisy, // Planted one day by a glancing dart, // Planted by Daisy Bell… ~~ “Daisy Bell,” Harry Dacre (1892) As most of you who know me know, I lost my sweet old orange tabby, Sunny, in January 2010, to HCM. It took me over a […]


We had to put our sweet old orange tabby, Sunny, to sleep on January 14. It broke my heart to do so (and don’t think Robert wasn’t equally crushed. We both cried not only in the vet’s office, but in the car on the way home, and for days afterward). And it’s been a month. […]

Cat Mill

What a great cat. Maybe my fat cat, Sunny, should try this. And maybe I should, too.

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

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