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A is for Apple; Z is for Zune

Anyone who truly knows me knows how important music is to me. I must have it wherever I go, in every room in the house. The TV? Not so much. So tonight, I sat down to my computer to try to get four songs I’d downloaded from Apple Music/iTunes onto my computer to (1) burn […]

Of Sound Mind

I have always loved music more than TV and movies. I used to joke with Roberto that someone could break in and steal the TV and it would be months before I’d notice. Steal my stereo, it’s gonna get ugly! I recently went to turn my stereo on in the living room because I wanted […]

Driving Me Crazy

I made a comment on a Facebook post earlier today which caused me to remember all the times Roberto Herrera’s driving literally drove me crazy. The worst time was when he was still walking, and therefore, still driving. We were on our way home from somewhere and as is usual in Houston’s East End, we […]

This Old House

Lately for some reason, I’ve been trawling (Houston Areal Realtors). Not because I want to buy a new house, because I love my house and plan to be carried out of it feet first in a pine box. Possibly just curiosity and a love of older homes (like mine). Old 1930s-era bungalows and Art […]

Test Post

Something seems to have stalled out with my posts since I changed themes.

Monday, Monday…

I have never been so happy to be out of the office as I was tonight. We are moving this week and the movers were demolishing some metal shelving in the room across from my workstation. For about an hour. It was horrible. Then, we got an email at 5PM warning us that our document […]

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