Calling All Playahs!

At last, the e-Bay auction all MEN have been waiting for! You’ve still got plenty of time!

Of course, after reading this ad, I have to wonder if Acidman hasn’t already figured out some of this on his own…. Just by having set up his blog….

From the addy:

-Marketing your new “image” with THIS!
-Build a cult-like following of women using THIS technique!
-Quick seductions made easy with THIS simple technique!
-Controlling the female mind
-Building a “network”
-Build instant credibility with any female
-How to get a female hooked on YOU so she can NEVER leave!
-Internet pickups (this one will amaze you!)

This URL was posted on the newsgroup Apparently the seller has received quite a bit of “fan mail” from pissed off females….

And I like this feedback comment the best:

camelquack(5) Jan-11-03 16:57:31 PST 1792012511 S
Praise: Came real Fast. Immediate response to any complaints!

Of course, I can probably answer the burning, yearning question of how a man can get a woman to do all this. Simple. Nothing. You heard me. Do nothing. Just exist. Oh, but being in need of “saving” is always an added attraction. We’ll spend the rest of our lives trying to make you over.

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