Da Goddess Is Corrupt!

Joanie’s site had been down a bit this past weekend for reasons never explained. Then, somehow, she exceeded her bandwidth again this month and again her site was down for a while last evening.

When it reappeared it was acting really strange. Achive entries were available, but none of the entries on the main page. After some digging around in the MT Forum, we figured out her database became corrupted. Sometimes this is due to low disk space. Sometimes, it just happens when you are dealing with a Perl program that has to rebuild itself.

The only solution to a corrupt database is to delete all the files in the /db directory (be sure you have EXPORTED your blog entries to a text file on your hard drive and have backup copies of all your custom templates and other blog files prior to doing any surgery on your blog!), reinstall MT and then import your entries.

When your MT blog suddenly disappears on you, the first thing you should suspect is a corrupt database, especially when you start getting errors with the word SCALAR in them.

And just to be on the safe side, make it a habit to export your blog from time to time. You never know when the Blog-Goblin will strike.

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